Workplace Equity and Diversity Workshops

Does your organization appreciate the value of diversity but struggle to embed it in organizational practices? 

Do micro-aggressions affect your organizational culture?

Can deeper intercultural awareness improve your employees’ ability to provide inclusive services?

Harmony Movement can help you achieve your corporate Diversity and Inclusion goals through customized workshops and consulting services, taking your D&I work to the next level.

We work collaboratively with individuals and teams in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors toward a common goal to end discrimination in all its forms and create a healthy, safe, and inclusive environment at work.

Our training is grounded in adult education and experiential learning theories, delivered through an anti-oppressive, anti-racist lens.

Our content and delivery methods are informed by the latest research in social science and Best Practices in the Diversity and Inclusion field. We use multi-media tools to appeal to diverse learning styles, and integrate dialogue and guided self-reflection for a deeper engagement.

At the end of the workshop, participants leave with new insights and a sharpened “Equity Lens” they can begin applying right away.

Our workshops are designed to give participants the awareness, knowledge, and tools to skillfully address inequity and transform diversity challenges into opportunities. We meet participants where they are and build on their current knowledge, skill level, and expertise in their respective profession.

All of our workshops incorporate:
• Experiential and reflective exercises
designed to expand participants’ awareness and increase motivation for change
• User-friendly tools and ‘How Tos’
• Concrete examples and case scenarios
• Team activities that enhance social cohesion

Currently we are offering workshops in the following areas:
• Addressing bias, stereotypes, and micro-aggressions
• Skills and ethics for allies
• Building an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion
• Challenging heterosexism and cissexism in the workplace
• Competing human rights and accommodation in the workplace
• Intercultural competence and cultural humility
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion: from basics to advanced skills
• Inclusive communication skills
• Inclusive service delivery and organizational practices
• Team-building across differences
• Unpacking white privilege and promoting racial justice

All of our workshops are customized to meet participants’ unique needs, realities, and knowledge level.

The scope and length of the workshop can be established during the initial conversation.

We start with a free consultation and needs assessment to help identify learning needs and objectives and explore how the training may fit within the organization’s vision for diversity and inclusion in order to promote sustainability of training outcomes.

This can be done by phone, video chat or in person. Call or e-mail us to book your consultation: 416-385-2660 or email

Based on the needs, goals and scope identified during the consultation, we can advise further regarding cost.

Please allow for 4-6 weeks from the time of booking to workshop delivery.

We often hear that one of the biggest barriers to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) implementation in organizations is funding. For many organizations, creating an in-house position dedicated to DEI is simply not feasible.

To help solve this challenge, we have created a new role that specializes in DEI-specific organizational development and process facilitation, offering such services as:
• Needs Assessment
• SWOT Analysis
• Visioning and Strategic Planning
• Workplan Development
• Branding and Strategic Communication
• Customized Resources: newsletters, toolkits, manuals and more.
• ‎Community Roundtables/Consultations
• Meeting and Process Facilitation

Contact us for more information.

We deliver interactive and engaging keynotes for large and small audiences, and offer presentations on topics related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and human rights. Like our programs, our keynotes are highly engaging and use creative approaches to elicit new insights and ways of thinking about a topic.

Contact us for more information.

There are many ways in which we can collaborate to help you build capacity for Diversity and Inclusion:

• Funding proposals
• Project partnerships
• Co-hosting workshops and events

... and more!

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Harmony Movement is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory,® an evidence-based assessment tool that helps individuals and teams further understand and develop their intercultural skills.

Our services include:

• Individual and group profiles and coaching sessions
• Customized training and resources
• Strategic planning and workplan development
• Support with internal communication and facilitating buy-in

The benefits of using the IDI®:

• A recognized tool grounded in research and evidence used by organizations across Canada and worldwide
• Efficient in terms of time, process and outcomes
• Deepens self-awareness for each respondent and identifies areas for further development
• Increases organization-level understanding of intercultural issues and areas of growth

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