Volunteer with us!

Harmony Movement is always seeking passionate volunteers with a diverse skill set to support our work. We have a variety of projects and programs on the go and would love to discuss what skills you may bring to the organization and how we could work together.

Volunteer roles may include:
– fundraising
– event planning and support
– research
– evaluation
– administrative support
– outreach event support
– marketing and media

These are just examples of some of the ongoing roles we have; however, we are always open to different opportunities and additional skills that may not be reflected in this list.

We offer a wide range of opportunities and are able to work without to find the right opportunity. Volunteers could come into the office or support from home. We also welcome high school students who are looking to gain volunteer hours to apply.

Note: We generally do not offer volunteer facilitation roles as our process requires individuals to be highly trained, but there may be exceptions.

If you are interested in volunteering at Harmony Movement please contact Janelle Yanishewski at info@harmony.ca to discuss how we can work together.