2018: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Equity Council

2018: Harmony Social Changemakers Award

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School Equity Council

By Evaan Shetye and Rachel Kwok

The Equity Council is an intersectional collaboration of student leaders in grades 9 to 12 from a range of social justice groups. Members represent the Muslim Students Association, Trudeau Pride, the African-Canadian Students Association, and Circle of Friends, among other equity-focused clubs.

Over the past year, the Council has undertaken a variety of projects — from facilitating discussions between police and students to leading critical explorations of Indigenous history and Reconciliation. During the spring of 2018, the Council delivered equity-related workshops on LGBTQ+ inclusion, Reconciliation, and anti-racism and ableism to elementary schools throughout region.

To ensure student representation within the community, the Equity Council has hosted a series of Town Hall meetings to address hate speech and work toward inclusion. In addition, members have met with the school’s administrative team to present student concerns and work towards creating sustainable solutions collaboratively.

This year, the Equity Council delivered workshops to all Grade 9 students on the first day of school. In addition, they have been actively involved in the creation of an equitable dress code for all students.

Evaan Shetye is a Grade 12 student at Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School and member of Trudeau Pride. Rachel Kwok is a Grade 10 student and member of Circle of Friends, a club for students with physical and developmental differences.