Workshops for Community Organizations

Our workshops are highly interactive and incorporate “aha-experiences,” self-reflection, creative methods, and small and large group activities.

Participants leave with new insights and a sharpened “Equity Lens” they can begin applying right away.

There is a menu of options to choose from. Each workshop can be tailored to participants’ needs, realities, and skill level. And if the topic you’re interested in isn’t on the list, contact us to find out if we can deliver it.

Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights – The Basics (Level I)
Participants explore the benefits of diversity and inclusion while gaining the language and tools to call out inequity and challenge stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination in their community.

Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights – Next Steps (Level II)
Participants gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of systemic barriers and forms of oppression, how these affect different groups in society, and what they can do to be effective bridge-builders in their communities.

From Theory to Practice: Putting Anti-Oppression Theory into Action
Despite best intentions, anti-oppression can sometimes stay at the theory level, failing to translate into meaningful change. This workshop will review the key ingredients of anti-oppressive practice, while offering practical tools and coaching participants in applying them to everyday scenarios and organizational practices.

Beyond "That's Gay:" Tools for Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism
Participants will learn about sexual diversity and gain tools for promoting an environment of respect and inclusion for gay, lesbian, bi, queer, and questionings people while learning to effectively interrupt stereotypes and biases that feed homophobic attitudes and behaviours.

Beyond Gender Binary: Challenging Cissexism
This workshop will demystify gender expression and engage participants in challenging limiting assumptions and stereotypes around gender that perpetuate cissexism, the oppression of trans people and people with non-binary gender identities. Participants will learn to see beyond the gender binary while actively supporting a positive and inclusive environment for trans and gender-diverse individuals.

Team Building Across Differences
Diversity is an asset, but only if groups know how to utilize its strengths. Integrating latest research and best practices, this workshop will help participants identify their individual and collective strengths, understand the role bias plays in hindering teamwork, and explore ways to challenge prejudice while working together across social differences.

“Disability and…”: An Intersectional Approach to Inclusion
Intersectionality is the understanding that identities and experiences of oppression overlap, shaping each person’s unique experience with services. This workshop will help participants develop a more inclusive understanding of accessibility, and share tools for challenging physical, institutional, and attitudinal barriers to access and equity for people with diverse needs and abilities.

O Canada!
This workshop will use an intersectional approach to challenge biases and assumptions about immigration and demystify Canada’s immigration system, helping participants gain greater understanding of the barriers faced by newcomers, refugees, and people with precarious status, as well as ways to create more inclusive communities.

Keynotes and Presentations
We deliver interactive and engaging keynotes for large and small audiences, and offer presentations on topics related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and human rights.
Like our programs, our keynotes are interactive and use creative approaches to elicit new insights and ways of thinking about a topic.

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