Student Programs

Student Programs & Workshops

Harmony Movement’s interactive and innovative school programs confront prejudice in our society; teach the value of embracing and respecting differences; and help build a positive school climate. Diversity education programs and workshops can be customized depending on your school’s needs. Harmony Movement will also create one or multi-day conferences or off-site retreats to address specific topics and meet the needs of your school, board, organization or community.

Student Programs

Social Changemaker Leadership Program (SCLP)
Designed for grades 7-12, this two-day interactive program for up to 30 students engages participants through games, multi-media activities, and group discussions to introduce them to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion while developing their abilities to take leadership for social change. Participants will increase their awareness of prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and bullying; explore concepts of power and privilege; reflect on the role of the media in our society; and take leadership for safer and more inclusive schools and communities. By the end of the training, participants will have gained the tools to create an action plan for change or to initiate a project to share their new knowledge and skills within their school community.

Social Changemakers Leadership Conference/Retreat (SCC)
Designed for up to 180 students in grades 7-12, Harmony Movement will custom-design a one-day or multi-day equity leadership conference/retreat that provides a broad overview of equity and inclusion topics, or that focuses on a specific theme. Through plenary and breakout sessions as well as games and activities, students will gain a deeper awareness of equity-related issues while developing their abilities to take leadership for social change. The conference/retreat can be designed for a single school, for a board hosting multiple schools, or a region hosting multiple boards. It can be combined with programming for educators, parents/caregivers or community members.

Diversity Workshops
Designed for up to 30 participants, these half-day workshops cover a variety of equity-related topics for students in grades 4-12. Harmony Movement can tailor these workshops to meet the specific needs of your school, including such topics as: Equity 101, Safe and Accepting Schools, Behind the Bullying, Gender Stereotypes, Media & Me, Equity Thru History, Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism, Spoken Word for Social Change, Beyond Borders, Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds, Environmental Justice, Positive Spaces, as well as topics specific to African and Asian Heritage months.

School Assembly/Keynote Presentation
This one-hour inspirational student assembly or keynote presentation addresses student leadership and social change by exploring all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through the use of media, popular music and other elements of youth culture, students are engaged in activities aimed at embracing social differences in our society. Harmony Movement can tailor the assembly or presentation to meet the specific needs of your school.

Whole School Approach
A whole-school approach helps create long-term impact for a safe, equitable and inclusive school environment. Harmony Movement will provide consultation and strategic planning for school administration to develop a multi-semester program that is sustainable, engaging and transformative. The approach will bring together many or all of the components from our programs and conferences, with emphasis on the aspects of student leadership, peer-mentorship, and program legacy. It can also be combined with appropriate levels of equity training for administrators, educators and staff.

Specialized Student Programs

Junior Social Changemakers – Diversity Leadership Certificate Program (DLCP) for Grades 4-6
GTA only
Designed for grades 4-6, this program for up to 30 students includes four weekly two-hour sessions of core learning on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through games, multi-media activities, and group discussions, students will learn about respecting differences, challenging stereotypes and assumptions, as well as taking leadership for social change. By the end of the program, students will have acquired the tools necessary to recognize and build on their own leadership skills as allies and advocates for social change.

Mini Social Changemakers – Diversity Leadership Certificate Program (DLCP) for Grades 2-4
GTA only
Designed for grades 2-4, this program for up to 30 students includes six weekly one-hour sessions on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through games, multi-media and group activities, students are provided with the tools to think critically, recognize prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and bullying, as well as see themselves as leaders and social changemakers.

SHSM Non-Profit Training
Designed for students enrolled in the SHSM Non-Profit program, these sessions focused on professional practice are specifically catered to fulfill either the compulsory ‘Ethical Considerations’ training requirement or the ‘Equity and Inclusion’ elective training option. Participants must complete an assessment of learning at the end of the program and successful participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Action Planning
This half-day program is designed to support students in creating and implementing sustainable initiatives for safer and more inclusive schools.   A Harmony Movement facilitator will work with a group of students to formulate a concrete action plan and implementation strategy to set their initiative into motion. This includes identifying issues to be addressed, resources required and available, steps involved in taking action, and distribution of tasks and responsibilities. The half-day action planning program is followed by up to eight hours of consultation and implementation support via Skype.

Program Topics

Harmony Movement addresses the full range of equity issues. Our transformative programs promote safe and inclusive school communities and address the roots of bullying. Listed below are a few samples of topics Harmony Movement can bring to your school.

Diversity and Equity 101
Participants explore the benefits of diversity while gaining the language and tools to challenge prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination in their schools and communities.

Safe and Accepting Schools
Using interactive, multi-media games and activities, youth are made aware of the impact of prejudice and discrimination in their lives and are encouraged to take action to address these issues within their communities. This program goes beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach to bullying and harassment in schools, addressing the underlying issues of inequity that can lead to unsafe and unwelcoming learning environments. This program will provide participants with the tools to challenge systemic inequity and become proactive leaders for social change.

Gender Bender
Participants examine the social construction of ideas of “masculinity” and “femininity” and question how these ideas can limit the unique self-expression of individuals.

Media and Me
This interactive workshop will allow participants to explore all aspects of the media to uncover hidden stereotypes, prejudices and biases that impact their daily lives.

Equity Through History
Participants will explore seldom-discussed moments in Canadian history, celebrate the success of historical social movements, and create their own stories for a brighter future.

O Canada!
Participants will begin to break down stereotypes about immigration, gain an appreciation for the barriers to inclusion faced by newcomers, and explore the importance of immigration for a healthy and diverse Canadian society.

Environmental Justice
Youth will learn about the connections between environmental justice and social justice, while gaining the tools to create healthier, greener, and more equitable communities.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
Participants will explore the diversity of their communities, examine the relationships between equity and health (both physical and mental), as well as discuss effective strategies for promoting the health and well-being of all students.

African Heritage Month
Celebrates the rich contributions, identities, cultures and histories of people of African descent in Canada and the world.

Asian Heritage Month
Celebrating the rich contributions, identities, cultures, and histories of people of Asian descent in Canada and throughout the world.

Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism
Participants learn to abolish the mentality of heterosexism and homophobia within youth culture, as well as learn to promote an environment of encouragement and support.

Generation Girl
This program provides young women with a ‘safe space’ to discuss issues that are relevant to their daily lives while helping them develop strategies for positive change.

Empowerment Boys
This program provides young men the opportunity to explore issues relevant to their daily lives, while helping them to develop strategies for positive change.

Have a specific topic in mind? We would be happy to work with you to develop a program catered directly to your social justice and equity needs. Email our School Program Manager or phone 416-385-2660 for more information and to arrange for Harmony to come to your school.

Conferences & Retreats

Leadership and Equity Conferences
Harmony Movement would be happy to help your school or board organize a one- or two-day Equity Leadership Conference for students, focused on a specific theme or on equity and inclusion in general. Through large group assemblies, smaller group workshops, activities, games and multi-media presentations, participants will engage in discussion, reflection and action to create safer and more inclusive schools to foster student success. By the end of the conference, all participants will have created an action plan for next steps they can take in their schools and communities. The student conference can be combined with programming for educators, parents/caregivers or community members as well.

LINKS Student Equity Conference
Empower students to promote equity and inclusion in their schools.
The Harmony LINKS Student Equity Conference brings together up to 150 students in grades 7-12 to redefine LEADERSHIP, create exciting INITIATIVES, NETWORK with youth leaders, gain equity-based KNOWLEDGE, and work on SUSTAINABILITY tools that will have a lasting impact on your schools and communities.  Participants will work together to create a Student Equity Strategy and Action Plan for each of their schools.

LINKS Student Equity Retreat
Youth come together for a two- or three-night retreat at a camp to learn, connect, share and lead. The LINKS retreat is based on five principles: Leadership, Initiative, Networking, Knowledge and Sustainability (LINKS). These principles integrate learning’s on diversity, equity, inclusion, personal growth and youth empowerment. Participants use their new knowledge to create an Equity and Inclusion Strategy Plan to implement at a school and/or community level.

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