Harmony in the Media

Harmony in the Media

Mississauga.com News – December 2018: Dufferin-Peel board’s Michelle Coutinho wins Harmony Movement leadership in education award

Canadian Race Relations Foundation – 2018 Best Practices Reader (pg. 40): Harmony Movement’s Race and Racism: Igniting Student Voice program receives recognition from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

CBC News – October 2018: Catholic Central teacher named ‘Educator of the Year’ by diversity organization

CBC Whitehorse – September 2018:Roz Espin, Direct of Equity Education, CBC Whitehorse about empowering students to create social change (radio interview)

Business-2-Business – July 2018: Harmony@Work wants to help companies pay better attention to (and change) the way they tackle diversity, equity and inclusion

Global News Radio – June 2018: Rima Dib, Program Manager, on Starbucks closing and DEI workplace training (radio interview)

CTV News – June 2018: Rima Dib, Program Manager appears on-camera to talk about anti-bias training in response to Starbucks closing (1:38)

The Globe and Mail – June 2018: Ilaneet Goren, Direct of Workplace Learning and Development, weighs in on Starbucks anti-bias training

The Chronicle Journal – January 2018: Youth pursue social change with Harmony Movement

Lakehead Public Schools – January 2018: In Harmony to make social change – Elementary Student Senate members participate in conference

The Chronicle Journal – February 2017: ‘Changemakers’ take on social justice topics

CBC News – February 2017: Thunder Bay students elementary school students learning in ‘Harmony’

The Varsity – November 2016: A Harmony Scholarship recipient continues to create social change