Baffin Island, Nunavut photo by Craig ChiversThem = Us Project

Them=Us: Photographic Journeys Across Our Cultural Boundaries has been impressing audiences across Canada and helping people reflect on diversity issues. Them=Us is a travelling exhibition of photographs and words, which captures the story of Canadian diversity.

This project began as an undertaking of Harmony Movement with the participation of Toronto-based group, PhotoSensitive (, and photographers across the country. Members of the exhibition included award-winning Canadian photojournalists Andrew Stawicki and Patti Gower, photographers Tony Hauser and Yuri Dojc, and photo-based artists Chick Rice and David Neel.

The visual stories unearthed by Them=Us range from simple tales of multicultural dinner parties to visits with residents of Baffin Island as they prepare for the coming of the new territory of Nunavut.

Them=Us was curated and designed by Vancouver-based artist and curator Tom Graff. Graff is renowned for both his work at museums across Canada and the Canada Pavillion at Expo ’86, and for performance art and installations around the world. In 2008, this project was exhibited at the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) annual conference.

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More information about the project here.
Them=US news release (pdf)