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Educator’s Equity Workshop
A full-day workshop that engages up to 30 educators in exploring strategies to create safe, equitable and inclusive learning environments. Through experiential learning activities and guided self-reflection, educators will examine professional practices through an equity lens; learn more about how inequity manifests at systemic and individual levels; develop a greater understanding of the impact of bias and stereotypes on students and ourselves; as well as address existing gaps in achievement and opportunity between groups of students. Each participant will receive a copy of Harmony Movement’s Educator’s Equity Workbook.

Culturally Responsive Practices for Educators
This full-day training geared for up to 30 educators, will examine the link between personal bias, prejudice and stereotypes and its influence in classroom teaching. Through experiential learning activities, guided self-reflection and group discussions, participants will be given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of culturally relevant teaching principals and how to incorporate them into their own instructional practices.

Train-the-Trainer Educator Equity Leadership Certificate Program
A series of three full-day workshops that can be taken individually, or together, as part of Harmony Movement’s Educators’ Equity Leadership Certificate Program. Each workshop will equip up to 30 educators with the knowledge, resources and materials required to deliver a two-hour equity workshop to colleagues or students based on the curriculum outlined our Educator’s Equity Workbook. The certificate program will provide educators with the confidence, knowledge and skills to become leaders of equity education in their schools and boards. Each participant will receive a copy of our Educator’s Equity Workbook, the Educator’s Equity Companion Guide and a Train-the-Trainer Facilitator’s Guide.

Professional Development Workshop
Our professional development workshops cover a variety of equity-related topics. We can tailor these workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization or school. In these workshops, up to 30 participants learn the importance of challenging our own assumptions about others and creating environments in which all feel respected, reflected, understood and welcomed. Topics addressed include understanding the diversity of our classrooms and communities; challenging prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace; addressing homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the classroom; shifting conversations from anti-bullying to pro-equity; as well as global citizenship education.

Equity Presentation / Keynote Presentation
A presentation of up to 2.5 hours for school administrators or educators on how to create a sustainable, safe, equitable and inclusive school environment. Participants will learn about the basic principles of equity and inclusion, self-awareness and the concept of an “equity lens”; how equity contributes to student success, as well as ways to develop strategies and an action plan in their schools and school boards. Each participant will receive a copy of Harmony Movement’s Educator’s Equity Companion Guide.

Consultation in Equity and Inclusion Education

Drawing upon the Equity and Inclusive Education: Going Deeper document, Harmony Movement offers customized consulting services to schools and school boards to support them in planning, implementing and assessing equity and inclusive education initiatives related to such areas as strategic planning, policy development, professional development, safe school initiatives, student success, and parent/caregiver engagement. These initiatives will support administrators and educators to identify areas of success and improvement in implementing the province’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy and the Safe and Accepting Schools Act.