Harmony Social Changemaker Award

SCMThis award recognizes an individual or group of youth that have been inspired by Harmony Movement programming to end discrimination and inequity in their school or community by taking action to create safer more inclusive spaces. Award winners receive a grant to do future social justice work.

The Harmony Social Changemaker Award recognizes an individual or group of youth who have participated in Harmony student programming and are doing amazing work in equity and social justice in their schools and communities. Award recipients have taken action to counteract discrimination, bullying or other areas to create a safer, more inclusive society and have plans to make further social change.  Award winners will be granted $1000 to be used towards a future proposed event/initiative as outlined in the application that works to combat discrimination.  The award will be presented at the Harmony Award Banquet.

Eligibility  – Any youth or group of youth who have participated in Harmony Movement programming, who have successfully ran initiatives or events in their school or community to promote diversity, equity and inclusivity.  Award winners will include a proposal for future events and/or initiatives they will use the award money toward.  Successful candidates must agree to be publicly acknowledged and to be present at the annual Harmony Awards to receive the award.

Nominations for 2018 are now closed. Check back with us for submission requirements for 2019!