Harmony Awards

Harmony Movement is proud to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations who are doing amazing work to promote equity and diversity in their communities and in the classroom.

Harmony Award

This award is presented to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions in the promotion of harmony, diversity and equity in Canada. Award recipients are leaders in Canada who have worked tirelessly to enrich the diversity of our country. The award has been presented annually at the Harmony Award Banquet. Past award recipients include Jessica Yee, Roméo Dallaire, The Toronto Star, Stephen Lewis and Michele Landsberg.


Harmony Social Changemaker Award

The Harmony Social Changemaker Award recognizes an individual or group of youth who have participated in Harmony student programming and are doing amazing work in equity and social justice in their schools and communities. Award recipients have taken action to counteract discrimination, bullying or other areas to create a safer, more inclusive society and have plans to make further social change.  Over the years, award winners have been granted $1000 to be used towards a proposed event/initiative that works to combat discrimination.

Harmony Educator Award

The Harmony Educator Award recognizes a front-line educator who has had day-to-day and direct interaction with the student community. The award is given in recognition of their exemplary achievements in promoting diversity in both their schools and communities. Recipients have courageously demonstrated a passion and commitment to inspiring and educating our youth to be leaders for social justice and change.

Mary A. Samuel Harmony Leadership in Education Award

The Mary A. Samuel Harmony Leadership in Education Award pays tribute to an educator in an administrative or research and academia role who has made significant contributions in advancing equitable and inclusive education during his/her/their career.

Harmony School of the Year Award

The Harmony School of the Year Award has been awarded to elementary and secondary schools that have completed one or more of Harmony’s student leadership programs and have been actively engaged in promoting diversity, equity and inclusivity within the school and its surrounding communities.

Harmony Community Educator Award

This award recognizes an individual in a community setting who has demonstrated significant commitment to advancing equity, diversity and social justice through educational and community engagement activities. The “community” includes members and staff within an organization (workplace community), people receiving services, participants of a community program, and stakeholders and community members at large.

Consistent with our Social Changemakers philosophy, recipients of the Harmony Educator Community Award have demonstrated: (1) a commitment to social justice and change; (2) the ability to engage diverse groups and communities around common issue or goal; (3) the use of creative and innovative methods to deliver the message.

2018 Award Winners

2018 Harmony Award

In activist and feminist communities, we often hear the bromide “the personal is political”, but few embody this phrase to the benefit of others as boldly as Mandi Gray.

I met Mandi in late 2015, a month...

2018 Social Changemakers Award

The Equity Council is an intersectional collaboration of student leaders in grades 9 to 12 from a range of social justice groups. Members represent the Muslim Students Association, Trudeau Pride, the African-Canadian Students Association...

2018 Harmony Educator Award

David is one of Catholic Central High School’s best educators -- in no small part because of his passion for teaching, coaching, and student equity. These traits have become the hallmark of his educational credo...

2018 Leadership in Education Award:

Michelle is all about compassion, respect and dignity. But she does not shy away from necessary, courageous conversations in her drive to help us all better understand and embrace the empathy...

2018 School of the Year

The students at Catholic Central represent a global and diverse population -- all having arrived with unique stories and under unique circumstances. We recognize that each of our students deserves a voice ...

2018 Harmony Community Educator Award

Ivan Coyote is the author of eleven books, the creator of four short films, six full-length live shows, and three albums that combine storytelling with music...